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Important Message from Chris Shenefield, President of RedShift (aka RedShiftChris)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi to all our great friends and customers.  This is an important message to inform you that we are making a couple key changes to our website and store.  Those changes are:

1) BestSupension.com will no longer be our "store".  It is now undergoing a change to becoming the home of our "Best Suspension Review Project".  It's a very important project we are undertaking and is driving most of the work we are doing at RedShift these days.  By May 20, the BestSuspension.com store will be completely taken down and the site revamped to provide the location for our suspension review project.  It will grow to contain lots of great information, pics, videos, data, testing, and driving impressions on all of your favorite suspension components.

2) A new and IMPROVED store is now back under the RedShiftMotorsports.com website, and it can be accessed with the "STORE" link at the upper left or at the link directly below.  The new store is huge and I recommend you use it going forward, unless you know exactly what you want from the old store (which will stay active until approx March 20).


For the new store, click "STORE" if the left hand navigation bar.


For the old "BestSuspension.com" Store, click HERE.


Thanks as always for your business and support!

Chris at RedShift